Wellnness Massagetechniques engl.




...utilizes a combination of deep tissue massage, joint tension release, verbal dialogue, and energy balancing to relieve physical pain, release emotional holding patterns, and enhance relaxation. Selfehealing power gets activated and your system finds back in its natural posture.


ca. 75 min for 85,00 €



Pregnancy places strong demands on a woman's body and is a time for the body to be nurtured and pampered. This massage not only relieves the tensions and aches caused by the extra weight and shift in the center of gravity to the body, but it reduces swelling, soothes the nervous system, acts as a tonic, reduces fatigue, and enhances energy.


ca. 50 min 60,00 €

ca. 75 min 85,00 €


Hawaiian for "rub rub," Lomi lomi is a massage technique that's been handed down from ancient Hawaiian healers. Spiritual in nature. Pressure with the fingers at certain points is also part of the technique, but it is of shorter duration than most acupressure. Two identifying techniques of authentic Lomilomi are the emphasis on spirit/body connection and the use of forearm and elbow as a massage tool.


Ritual duration ca. 75-90 min for 89 ,00 €

Ritual duration ca. 90- 110 min for 108,00 €